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Apple CarPlay Review

Apple CarPlay

Apple’s big announcement at the start of June touched on the preview of a new iOS 13 interface; which is due this fall. Through it, Apple will unlock a series of changes; that will also heavily influence the way Apple CarPlay works as well as its design.

Now, it didn’t take long for the first Apple CarPlay hands-on videos to pop up on YouTube, so here’s what’s different in terms of both design and usability.

For starters, the calendar has been completely revamped and it’s now way more easy to; scroll through your sessions and see the location you need to get to for a particular meeting. To get to that location, all you have to do is touch it and start driving, following turn-by-turn instructions. Also new is the settings app – from here, you can turn on the Do Not Disturb While Generating mode; change the CarPlay appearance (including turning on/off the Dark Mode); and select whether you want (or not) to receive suggestions in Dashboard – we’ll get to Dashboard a bit later on

As we knew already, the Music application in addition has underwent a significant overhaul and it now helps; album artwork over Bluetooth and generally sports activities a crisper images wrapped around big selections and fonts.

Music has four tabs which serve various functions – Library, FOR YOU PERSONALLY, Browse, and Radio – they are; joined up with by the animated equalizer-like Now Playing icon in the right-hand part.

Apple CarPlay Map

CarPlay uses the same Maps engine while the iPhone application but displayed on your own car’s infotainment display. Along with crisp images, you get turn-by-change directions that navigate you to your destination, visitors circumstances on the selected path, around time of arrival, range until destination, and alternate routes that prevent bottlenecks and areas choked by heavy traffic.

You may already know, the improved Apple CarPlay helps both regular and adjustable display sizes and a break up screen that presents the map on the still left and other features on the right, so users can get access to more info at once. Talking about maps and navigation, now you can talk about trip info like ETA with friends and co-workers. Oh, plus some car manufacturers will help you to summon Siri via tone of voice, and never have to press any buttons, and there’s also the choice to change between 2D and 3D map images.

The Maps application offers a feature that lets you know where you parked the car, and you may even setup a voice message that activates Waze. Furthermore, you may also have a screenshot of the Apple CarPlay display screen – all you have to do is have a regular screenshot while CarPlay is usually synched. This will, actually, take two display captures – among the phone and among the CarPlay screen.

Other App

Besides the standard set of iOS-provided applications mentioned earlier, Apple CarPlay is compatible with other third-party apps also. You can go for which ones show up on your car’s display when Apple CarPlay is on via your iPhone’s configurations menu.

some of the apps you can Spotify, Audible, iHeart Radio, Pandora, and Tidal. You can also choose a different navigation app than Apple’s Maps, including Google Maps and Waze, just to name the most popular ones. The only exception that does not fit the four said categories is WhatsApp.

Carplay Support with SIRI

To activate Siri, you can either press and contain the tone of voice control button on your car’s tyre or touch and contain the Home button on the CarPlay home display screen.

You are able to ask Siri for directions to the nearest coffee mall or shop, for example, or call someone from your contact list; or play music. Furthermore, Siri can also check your calendar and let you know when’s the next conference and can send texts. You’ll have to inform Siri precisely what the message is basically; because there are no keyboards in Apple CarPlay, which would defeat its whole drive purpose to begin with safely.

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