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Bye bye iTunes! – Apple breaks up iconic music platform

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The music industry has changed significantly since Apple disrupted just how people buy songs and albums almost 2 decades ago. So Apple is phasing out iTunes and only three newer apps. they release new macOS Catalina and apple itune replace with new music app

Monday that iTunes will be replaced by a trio of desktop applications called Music apple announced, Television and Podcasts — just like how these services are divided on iPhones and iPads already. It will exist as a standalone iOS application and on Windows PCs still.

Is it true?

Previous libraries and purchases will be maintained in each new application on Mac computers, a spokesperson told CNN Business.
At its Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, Apple (AAPL) demonstrated off its next-generation mobile software iOS 13; which got a dark mode, improved Siri capabilites and an undo gesture, and a new Mac Pro that appears like a cheese grater.

But the proceed to stage out iTunes didn’t come as a complete surprise as the business has been pressing users toward its Apple Music membership service. In the end, Apple may charge a regular fee to improve income rather than await a person to buy a few tunes.

The Apple Music application is targeted on music and individualized suggestions; the Podcasts application enables you to search with the aid of machine learning and it app will mix content from systems such as HBO and Showtime; along with unique development from Apple.

The business said users it’s still able to buy and download songs through iTunes’ Music store within the Music app; and can purchase Television and films shows in the Apple Television app. iTunes present cards will remain energetic, a spokesperson informed CNN Business.

For those who used iTunes to sync up their devices, Apple said an instrument will be located via the sidebar in Finder on the Macs now.
MacOS features unveiled at WWDC start in the fall typically.

ITunes launched in 2001 but it is music store formally, launched 2 yrs later, transformed the true way we buy songs and albums. The format came at the right time the music business struggled with online piracy and file-sharing sites. Having an user-friendly interface relatively, a straightforward billing tool and an on-demand catalogue; iTunes greater experience than every other system at the right time.

ITunes’ strategy has been closely aligned with Apple’s devices business; however the rise of membership services and content is an obvious change from the iTunes model, said Jack Kent, analyst of IHS Markit.

“For Apple’s own business, it marks the strategic change from a central hardware concentrate to a company in; which membership content and services are increasingly very important to margin and earnings,” said Kent, referencing the iPhone’s sluggish sales.

IHS Markit’s research found membership services accounted for more than 80% of online music and video income in 2018, weighed against lower than 10% in 2008, in North Traditional western and America Europe.

Over the full years, critics argued standalone applications — like the ones on iPhones and iPads — could provide a smarter approach already. That Apple has obtained 56 million paying customers now, enough time is ripe for such a big change perhaps.

“Apple had to place the parts in spot to make everything happen,” said Ramon Llamas of IDC Research. “If you take a look at consumer behavior where users are prepared to pay a normal charge for unlimited content. And that is what they can get from other services such as Spotify, Pandora and Netflix Apple is aligning itself against those competition with its own approach smartly.”
However the news doesn’t mean CEO Tim Cook will remotely deleting many years of downloaded and purchased tracks and movies. It shall likely move out next steps to control. And gain access to downloaded content in different ways, such as via Apple Music.

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