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Police arrested Drunk driver on Tesla Autopilot mode

Police in the Netherlands say they stopped a Tesla driver after he appeared to have fallen asleep at the wheel while using the car’s autopilot feature.

Tesla Autopilot
Tesla Autopilot

Authorities in the Netherlands say they stopped a Tesla driver Afterwards he When using the car’s Tesla Autopilot attribute appeared to have fallen asleep at the wheel.

Authorities clarified how the driver failed to Notice officers since they drove close to his vehicle on the A27 near town of Eemnes

The Tesla vehicle began to overtake the police car as the officers

The 50-year-old driver from Meppel Appeared to be under the influence of alcohol along with his driver’s license was suspended, according to police.

The episode at the Netherlands comes a month later Tesla stated it had been urgently investigating a video which seemed to show one of its vehicles exploding in a Shanghai automobile park.

The movie posted to websites in China, showed a Tesla Model S bursting into flames billowing smoke.

Because it isn’t meant to be utilized, Individuals will use Tesla Autopilot, or perhaps inappropriately. This is simply one of several stories about drivers employing the technologies in an endeavor to get home. Another recent story spoke about a few engaging in”connections” while their Tesla was still driving.

Tesla Autopilot

Hopefully in the future, automobiles may Have the Ability to drive 1 day When that day comes, we could have some reassurance that people’s stupidity like texting or viewing, or driving films, may not cause decisions that are devastating. There are lots of people and motorists on the street that may make choices that are dangerous. After this technology reaches a new level, it is going to offer a failsafe.

The Tesla vehicle Started to overtake the police car Slowed down until the driver was”eventually awakened with the support of the siren”, the article included.

The driver out of Meppel

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“We could already see on the news last week that there are several ways to use the Tesla when it runs autonomously. Last night, we saw a Tesla riding close to its predecessor on the A27 at Eemnes. When we came alongside, the driver appeared to have fallen asleep.
A tracking mark was given but the driver, a 50-year-old man from Meppel, did not notice this and the Tesla even began to overtake us when we lowered the speed and wanted to leave the highway. Eventually the man was woken up with the help of the siren. It also appeared to be under the influence of alcohol (340ug / l). His driving license was collected on the basis of Article 5 of the Road Traffic Act.”

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